Qualifications of industrial kilns and thermostatic chambers

Thermal processes are very diverse and extremely widespread in all industrial branches.
Wherever they happen, they determine the quality of the products and have a significant share in manufacturing costs.

Qualification of furnaces is imperative in order to ensure the energy efficiency and quality of the products of thermal treatment providers and those who use them in domestic production. A full qualification consists of the following:

  • Metrological calibration of the equipment for measuring and regulating the temperature in the furnace installation.
  • Determining the furnace's thermal gradient by placing thermocouples at different points, recording temperatures and plotting them on a plot according to time.
  • Determining the state of insulation and seals by means of a thermal imaging chamber.

At the end of the qualification, calibration certificates, thermal imaging report, calibration report are written and the data recorded in graphical and tabular form is made available to the client.

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